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Our Club

Ready to discover the magic of drama?

Our Club is the perfect place for young talents aged 9-13 to explore the captivating world of theatre.

Your child will embark on an exciting journey where they'll learn the art of storytelling, improvisation, character development, puppetry and stagecraft.

They'll have the opportunity to

  • express themselves,

  • boost their self-confidence,

  • become a better listener and more articulate speaker

  • build trust and team work 

and make friends who share their passion all while having lots of fun.

Whether they dream of gracing the big screen or simply want to explore their creative side, our Club will ignite their imagination and nurture their talents while building essential life skills.

Join us today and let the drama unfold.

Classes run every Wednesday 3.15 - 4.30 pm during term time at Woodstock Primary School.

FREE taster session

To book your first taster session 

Nigel Harrison

You may know me as your TA at Woodstock Primary, but before I took on that role I was a professional actor for over 35 years.

Working in the theatre, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, the West End, radio, television and film.

Acting's been my passion for most of my life and now I want to share that passion with you all.

Headshot of actor Nigel Harrison
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